Retail Store Flooring

Retail Store Flooring

Concrete Restoration

The original condition of the floor surface can have a big impact on the result of the newly restored floor; therefore we take extreme care to meticulously remove the old surface coatings, or any leftover carpet adhesive, and repair any damaged areas or existing cracks before attempting to resurface. Before the application of any new retail store flooring, surface prep is paramount.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

We use epoxy coatings, which create a strong bond with the cement before we apply decorative concrete to the floor. A thick topcoat is added to achieve a glossy yet non-slip surface. These are a preferred option in commercial kitchens or high-traffic retail stores.

Retail Store Flooring Philadelphia, Bucks County PA, Princeton NJ

Retail Store Flooring Philadelphia, Bucks County PA, Princeton NJ


Self Leveling Concrete, Overlays for Retail Store Flooring

For floors that are damaged or uneven, we use self-leveling concrete up to one inch thick to correct the problems. Thin overlays are applied for a decorative touch that may look like tile, granite, or marble with excellent durability and easy maintenance.

Concrete Coloring - Acid Stains & Dyes

No matter what the original concrete looks like stains and dyes can be applied and the options are endless. These are not paints, but acid stains that react with the products in the concrete floor to produce either earth tones or bright colors.

Concrete Restaurant & Commercial Kitchen Floors

Concrete is an excellent choice for any room in a restaurant and especially for the kitchen. The coating can prevent bacteria buildup. These floors perform in high traffic areas.

Retail Store Flooring Benefits

Durability, custom design, and easy care are just a few of the benefits of using decorated concrete for retail store flooring not to mention how cost-effective they are. The attractiveness of retail store flooring is also an important feature. Floors can be seamless and are non-slip.


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