Industrial Epoxy Floor

Industrial Epoxy Floor

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Industrial epoxy floor coatings need to withstand anything from heavy machinery and forklifts to corrosive chemicals and high heat. You can count on our floor coatings to deliver unparalleled durability, chemical resistance, tensile strength, and longevity. We have developed systems for a wide range of industrial applications in Philadelphia and we can work with you to create the ideal flooring solution for your facility.

Epoxy Floor Industrial
Industrial Factory Epoxy

For Factory Floors 

Factory floors face a great deal of wear and tear from chemicals, high heat, wet conditions, heavy equipment, and vehicle traffic. At Concepts in Concrete, we have developed specialized industrial epoxy suitable for even the harshest factory conditions. Our factory floors create a bright, safe work environment with slip resistance and excellent chemical resistance. Our epoxy can even withstand heavy loads without deterioration or cracks. Cleaning our industrial-grade epoxy floor coating is easy as the surface is seamless and resistant to caustic chemicals, abrasives, and harsh disinfectants and cleaning products.

For Warehouse Floors

Your warehouse requires industrial-grade epoxy flooring to meet the demands of vehicle / Forklift traffic and heavy loads without compromising safety and efficiency.

Our warehouse epoxy flooring is designed to be easy to maintain, resilient to all types of chemical and moisture exposure, and able to withstand even extreme loads.

USDA-approved warehouse industrial epoxy resists damage from chemicals, oil, and gasoline with a bright, seamless surface that’s easy to clean.

Epoxy warehouse floor


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