Office Building Floors

Office Building Floors

The best way to decorate an office is to start with the office building floors and work up. One of the best materials to use for customizing floors is decorative concrete floor systems. These materials are eco-friendly and modern-looking.

Office Building Floors, Entrances, Lobbies, Offices, and More

Environmentally and economically friendly concrete floors are a fabulous choice for office building floors. We offer a vast array of flooring options allowing you to choose the best fit for your office space whether a lobby, stairs, offices, restrooms, or loading docks.

The flexibility of utilizing decorative concrete allows you to implement other floor finishes within the design in your office building floors. Mixing hardwood or carpet within the concrete floor allows for creativity and a modern look that will last for years. Maintaining concrete floors as office building floors is easier than other flooring materials making them a top choice for office lobby floors.

Reception Flooring

Integrate your business logo within the floor design for a personalized statement.


Make a statement to your customers with beautifully designed stained concrete with the look of stone for your office building floors. Options include design graphics and an overlay stamped with your business logo. In addition, it may be a good idea to add some trendy chairs from office monster or other office furniture suppliers to the lobby area to attract clients and improve the aesthetics of the space.


Our polished concrete office building floor designs offer brightness and beauty. Ambient light from the flooring is able to help reduce energy costs within the building.

Conference Room Floors

Implement epoxy and polished concrete floors in the conference room. This type of flooring is enduring and immune to damage from foot traffic and chair scrapping.


Utilizing our specialized epoxy floors offer floors that are resistant to mold and water damage. We offer a large selection of tile choices to coincide with any bathroom decor.

Stairs or Exercise Areas

OSHA has minimum standards that must be met in staircases and exercise areas. Choosing a beautiful and decorative concrete with non-slip surfaces guarantee that your new office building floors will be OSHA-approved.

Kitchen or Break Areas

Placing decorative concrete in one of these areas helps maintain an easily cleaned floor. This type of flooring is smooth which allows for easy cleanup.

Office Building Floors Philadelphia, Bucks County PA, Princeton NJ



Office Building Floors Philadelphia, Bucks County PA, Princeton NJ



Office Building Floors Philadelphia, Bucks County PA, Princeton NJ

Office Building Floors Philadelphia, Bucks County PA, Princeton NJ

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Our Top Office Flooring Choices

Micro Toppings

We are able to add color to any floor with chips or dyes for an individual and modern look.

Self Level Concrete

Concrete that is able to level itself is the perfect option for uneven floors. Self-leveling concrete saves the business owner money by not requiring the installation of a whole new floor.

Stamped Concrete Floors

Choose a low-maintenance floor with the look of stone or tile. We offer concrete office building floors that portray the appearance of marble or tile. Concrete floors can give the appearance of any type of material.


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