Retail Epoxy Reflector Concrete Flooring in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

PageLines- 20131023_213824.jpgClassic Cake in Cherry Hill New Jersey was looking for a floor that would enhance the image of their bakery. After all, anyone can have a tile floor, but a concrete floor that is sophisticated, upscale and easy to maintain is rare.

The designer brought us in to help coordinate the design & color combination or the Epoxy Reflector Flooring system. Reflector Enhancer Flooring Systems have been the hottest and most demanded commercial and residential flooring products since they were introduced. Metallic epoxy floors fit in any application.

The reasons? First of all, the instant eye catching “Wow” factor. As you can see, Reflector systems look like no other flooring product. Second, Metallic epoxy floors are durable. Very durable. Tough enough to withstand vehicular traffic and yet beautiful enough for virtually any interior setting. Lastly, metallic epoxy is amazingly cost effective and more affordable than similar flooring products.

The look of stained concrete without the hassle and down time typically associated with other flooring products. From a distance, REFLECTOR Enhancer Epoxy Flooring Systems and metallic epoxy floors might look like any conventional stained or polished finish. However, as you approach the surface, you begin to see sparkles, additional shading and hues, depth of color that cannot be created with other flooring products. In fact Reflector Metallic epoxy floors can be designed to be 3-d.

All REFLECTOR Enhancer Epoxy Flooring Systems  are fluid applied onsite creating a tough, seamless finish without grout lines. In addition, the resin components in metallic Epoxy have a tremendous increase in tensile strength, compressive strength and abrasion resistance compared to that of tile, hardwoods and polished concrete.


  • Reflector enhancer metallic Epoxy offers virtually unlimited designs, patterns and color options, limited only by your imagination
  • Concepts In Concrete offers complete project customization
  • Metallic Epoxy is an Affordable and cost effective flooring solution compared to other WOW factor flooring products

  • Reflector Enhancer Epoxy is extreme durability for high traffic areas

  • Did we mention Reflector or metallic epoxy systems are so strong that they can handle vehicular traffic
  • Metallic Epoxy offers very low maintenance compared to other flooring products
  • Metallic epoxy does not stain like tile grout or carpeting saving you money for years to come.
  • Metallic epoxy offers Quick installation time-days not weeks like other flooring products
  • Reflector enhancer metallic Epoxies offer VOC free options-because being “GREEN” is important to you and important to us
  • Metallic epoxy offers much more value over the life of the floor than traditional flooring products
  • Designer metallic Epoxy can be installed pre or post construction
  •  Reflector enhanced metallic Epoxy can be applied on new or existing floors


epoxy philadelphia 300x225 Metallic Epoxy is all the Rage. Reflector Epoxy Flooring is HOT!To learn more about Reflector enhancer metallic epoxy floors, and designer epoxies call Concepts In Concrete today at 215-245-7360. Concepts In Concrete does commercial projects on the entire east coat and residential projects withinn 100 miles of Philadelphia. Concepts In Concrete is located in Bristol PA, about 15 minutes from center city Philadelphia. Wether you are thinking of a flooring solution for your 35,000 sq ft facility or your 300 sq ft family room, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done.


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